Pollinator-Friendly Gardening

Pollinator-Friendly Gardening

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about pollinators, and how you can provide for them? In this asynchronous course, we will cover the four steps to becoming pollinator-friendly: Providing Food, Providing Water, Providing Shelter, and Safeguarding Pollinator Habitat. Not only will you learn what each of these steps entails, you will also learn ways to incorporate these steps into your own garden space. Learners who complete this course and meet the micro-credentialing requirements will receive the Pollinator-Friendly micro badge.

We strive to make this course accessible and affordable for everyone. The small course fee covers some administrative expenses, but may still prove to be a barrier to some. Please select the course fee that is the best fit for you:

$30 (Full Price): Suggested for those who can afford the full course fee.

$15 (50% discount): Suggested fee for those who can afford 50% of the full course fee. Please use voucher code: 50_pfg

Please contact us if these payment options still prove a barrier for participation. rebecca.gray@maine.edu


Technology Requirements: This course content will be entirely online on Brightspace. An email address, access to a reliable internet connection, the newest version of your web browser and an electronic device (i.e. laptop, desktop, iPad, or tablet) with video/audio capabilities are required to complete this course.

Accommodations: If you need reasonable accommodation to participate in this course, please contact us at rebecca.gray@maine.edu

Price: $30.00