UMS Micro-Credential Development Training

UMS Micro-Credential Development Training

This course prepares learners to develop and implement a University of Maine System Micro-Credential. Registering for this course enrolls you in Level 1.


There are three levels of learning.

  • Level 1: An introduction to the UMS Micro-Credential Initiative.
    Learners who receive an 80% or better on a quiz and submit a reflection will receive a Level 1 digital badge.
  • Level 2: Team development of a micro-credential.
    Learners and the team will complete assignments to earn the Level 2 digital badge.
  • Level 3: The team will know how to market and implement their micro-credential.
    Successfully completing the assignments will result in a Level 3 digital badge.

UMS micro-credential is awarded to learners who earn all three badge levels.


Learners who earn the micro-credential will:

  • Understand the framework, terms, and benefits of the UMS Micro-Credential initiative (Level 1)
  • Plan and design a UMS micro-credential (Level 2)
  • Write the meta-data for their designed micro-credential (Level 2)
  • Learn how to implement a UMS micro-credential (Level 3)
  • Develop an understanding of the badge issuing process and marketing strategies (Level 3)
  • Develop an approved UMS micro-credential



  • Level 1: Open to all interested parties in Maine (self-paced)
  • Levels 2 and 3: Open to confirmed Micro-Credential Development teams

All classes are fully online with no scheduled online meetings.

Price: $0.00