Employment and Human Resources

Employment and Human Resources

600.00  Online

Failure to comply with labor and employment laws can lead to high employee turnover, reputational damage, and costly fines and legal fees. How can you help your organization avoid these outcomes?

In this course, you’ll learn about employment statutes and regulations relevant not only to human resources and compliance professionals but also to any employer or employee seeking a basic understanding of the increasingly complex legal framework governing the workplace. We’ll focus on structuring appropriate compliance strategies and initiatives that address the nuances and often-competing interests present in the human resources and employment field.

Professor Dmitry Bam will lead you in exploring many challenging-to-navigate topics, including formation and termination of the employment relationship, discrimination in the workplace, the ADA and its accommodation requirements, sexual harassment, and whistleblowing and retaliation.

For more information on the Compliance Program, visit https://mainelaw.maine.edu/compliance-program/

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Price: $600.00