Dawnland: Maine Indian History

Dawnland: Maine Indian History

Digital badge  25.00  Online

This course explores the history of the original people of Maine. The Dawnland: Maine Indian History digital badge is awarded to those who earn an 80% or better score on module quizzes.

Learners will:

Complete the four online modules by working through an array of PowerPoint presentations, handouts, readings, and short learning videos. Each module ends with a quiz.

Learners who achieve 80% accuracy or better on each quiz will receive a University of Maine System verified digital badge.

The four-module topics include:

  1. The Ice Age module discusses how early peoples moved across the land navigating glacial formations while engaged in hunting and survival.
  2. The Prehistory module explains the Indigenous lifeways before the arrival of European settlers and settlements.
  3. The History module addresses early interactions between the Indigenous people and European settlers.
  4. The Current Policy and Practice module details the current issues Maine Indigenous peoples are facing in terms of their political and cultural survival.


Eligibility: Open to all interested parties

Price: $25.00